Quality Check - The Audit as Basis for the Future

The in-house audit is the basis for all decisions concerning quality and its assurance in the company. The engineering bureau qmconŽ will provide you with comprehensive advice and support if you are planning a certification process or want to keep existing certification status.
We analyse the current state of your quality management system, and search together with you for the right way to improve and substain your QM-system.

Our services:
  • Auditing to the appropriate standard
  • Establishment of an audit report
  • Advice for the correction and optimisation of your QM-system

At the beginning of the audit phase, qmconŽ works out an audit plan - taking into account your firm's structure - which takes into account all necessary areas and the processes conducted in them. The audit will be conducted based on checklists.
After the report, a correction plan is created with you that takes into account all optimisations of present processes and preventive measures. The implementation of the corrective and preventive measures can be organised and monitored by us on site.