Care and Maintenance of your QM-System


Quality Assurance - The Care and Maintenance of your QM-System

In the phase after the introduction of the QM-system there is often a need for support. It is after all a matter of adhering to newly-introducing standards and / or adapting to new conditions.
The engineering office qmconŽ can be called upon for various tasks in this process:
  • Checking the implementation of the QM-system in your company and its departments
  • Revision of the results of audits that have already been carried out and investigation of possible deviations from the defined quality standard.
  • Monitoring of the corrective measures
  • Supporting of the entire company in connection with the certification
  • Assistance in the establishment of an audit report
  • Establishment of a status report to the busienss management

In order to keep track of all this, documentation of your quality standard and their adaptation over time are absolutely necessary. We will also advise and support you in this.

Upon request, qmconŽ can provide you with a documentation managment system that will facilitate the maintaining of your established quality management system.