Setting-up of your QM-System


Quality Assessment - Setting up your Quality Management System

Various QM-systems, adapted to specific tasks, have proven their worth in the optimisation of the work processes on board, in the production halls and in the offices, with the time and materials in mind. They all have certain priciples in common, because they want to:
  • Analyse and optimise communication structures
  • Find professional approaches and strategies for a solution
  • Maintain or increase the satisfaction of customers and clients
  • Motivate the workforce
  • Standardise products and services
  • Document important procedures and events
  • Provide occupational training to employees in a systematic way

Once these fields are dealt with, nothing stands in the way of the introduction of a QM-system. The engineering bureau qmconŽ advises you on this process and carries out the implementation of your quality management system.